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Install eCommerce Connect
on your Internet store’s webpage
and start accepting your buyers’
VISA and MasterCard 

 eCommerce Connect System is developed
by Ukrainian Processing Center UPC
one of the largest processing centers
in Central and Eastern Europe.

Standard 3-D Secure

To provide secure internet payments for purchases by debit and credit cards through eCommerceConnect 3-D Secure, the basis of programs Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode, is used.

High level of security is provided by the following:

  • The data is doesn’t saved on the web-page of the electronic shop. The customer inputs his card information on the secured page of payment server of processing center UPC, so that the card number and other data never become known to the personnel of internet shop.
  • In eCommerceConnect Gateway the best market technology of data security technology available on the market – 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is used. In the foundation of this protocol is the authentification of all the participants and data encrypting.
  • The card information saved for the further processing in the database of the processing center is obliged to the additional encrypting and can be read only by the authorized UPC workers.
  • The security of payment data exchange between internet shop and payment gateway is provided by MAC-signature mechanism which helps to avoid any change of the information during its sending through the customer’s internet browser. This means the shop does not need any additional SSL-certificate.

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