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Install eCommerce Connect
on your Internet store’s webpage
and start accepting your buyers’
VISA and MasterCard 

 eCommerce Connect System is developed
by Ukrainian Processing Center UPC
one of the largest processing centers
in Central and Eastern Europe.



Consumers are now buying more things online

______________2.jpgThe turnover of online transactions on web-sites that process payments via UPC system eCommerce Connect have increased by 190% compared to the third quarter of 2016.

E-Commerce continues its dynamic development and 4027 online stores are already connected to the online payment system eCommerce Connect.
Despite the fact, that Ukrainians choose foreign web-sites for shopping more often, the share of Ukrainian web-sites reached 34% of the turnover of all online purchases (here and below there is the information, based on the results of the  eCommerce Connect system performance).

There was a big difference between the  average amount of online transactions on foreign and Ukrainian web-sites.
The average amount of online transactions on foreign web-sites made 4 630 UAH and on Ukrainian web-sites – 261 UAH. At the same time, we would like to notice that that the average amount of transactions on Ukrainian online-stores increased by 31% compared to the third quarter of 2016. The number of payments on web-sites had slower growth and increased 3% only compared to the same period.

With the help of eCommerce Connect merchants can simply and easily start accepting cards on their web-page while their customers can purchase different goods and services in any place with internet connection.

UPC provides banks the opportunity to offer international e-commerce services and to exploit further opportunities for business expansion and profit growth.


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