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Install eCommerce Connect
on your Internet store’s webpage
and start accepting your buyers’
VISA and MasterCard 

 eCommerce Connect System is developed
by Ukrainian Processing Center UPC
one of the largest processing centers
in Central and Eastern Europe.

eCommerce Connect - FAQ

Why do I need to accept card payments on my web-page?

Your customers don’t always have enough cash for the purchase, therefore, they can look for a special e-store that accepts payments with banking cards. The implementation of eCommerce Connect will increase your internet sales and decrease a risk of loosing potential customers. Many researches in this field showed that customers tend to spend their money more easily if they pay with cards, not with cash.

How long does eCommerce Connect exist and in how many e-stores is it used?

eCommerce Connect exists since 2005. Today, more than 2000 Internet stores use it, and their customers make about one million operations monthly. All these operations are processed at UPC.

What is the cost of eCommerce Connect?

The implementation of the system is absolutely free. The store only pays the commission fee for every transaction processed.

What is the commission fee taken during Internet payments?

The fee depends on several conditions (specification of the business, volumes, monthly number of sales and so on). To receive the information on a fee for your web-page, please send the application for installation form or call UPC, and our specialists will quickly respond to all your questions.

Who is the developer of eCommerce Connect?

eCommerce Connect is developed by UPC, one of the largest processing centers in Central and Eastern Europe processing more than 55 million of operations per month made with payment cards via Internet, ATMs and Points of sale. UPC operates since 1997 and provides its customer-banks and retailers with processing services and complex program solutions for payment cards issuing, accepting, and management. More detailed information is available on UPC’s official webpage

Which banks are the partners of UPC?

Our partners in Ukraine are Raiffeisen Bank Aval and bank Pivdenniy. In Croatia, UPC has partnered with Raiffeisen Bank Croatia. After system’s implementation, your customers receive the ability to pay with their payment cards issued by any bank in Ukraine or abroad.

Can the customers of my Internet store pay with their cards on my webpage while they are abroad?

eCommerce Connect accepts payments from any part of the world.

Do I need to sign the contract with the bank or UPC only?

To install the eCommerce Connect system, you don’t need to call the bank. At UPC, you will receive the contract already signed by the acquiring bank.

When will I receive the payment for the purchase on my webpage after my customer has made it?

The owner of the Internet store receives money on his or her account within three banking days after the customer has paid.

How to install eCommerce Connect on my webpage?

To partner with UPC, send the Application for installation form on this web-page or call to our office. UPC specialists will answer all of your questions and clarify all details about documents and contracts needed.

In which currency will I receive payments on the store’s account?

If your store is in Ukraine, then, according to the regulations of the National Bank of Ukraine, all card payments are made in Ukrainian Hryvnia with no regards to the currency in which the customer has paid. If your shop is abroad, the system will follow the regulations of your country’s laws.

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