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Install eCommerce Connect
on your Internet store’s webpage
and start accepting your buyers’
VISA and MasterCard 

 eCommerce Connect System is developed
by Ukrainian Processing Center UPC
one of the largest processing centers
in Central and Eastern Europe.

How the payment is held

The payment through eCommerceConnect is held by the following:

  1. Cardholder chooses the needed goods and services in electronic shop by clicking on it. After this he or she is redirected to the page of payment for the purchase by plastic card.

  2. The shop’s web-page sends the information about the purchase and its cost to the payment server.

  3. The payment server processes the shop’s inquiry according to 3-D Secure protocol, requesting the data from the bank which issued the card.

  4. The result of authentification returns to the payment server of UPC.

  5. Payment server forms the authorization inquiry for cheking the paying capacity of the card and sends it to the core banking systems of the bank acuirer (the partner of UPC – see Partners).

  6. The payment server of UPC sends the data received from bank-acquirer to the e-shop.

  7. If the answer is positive the internet shop makes the order and provides the customer purchased good or service.

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